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A unique blend of creative talent and business savvy and that equals results!
—Ellen Zeidler, Director, Texas Instruments

She dives into every problem and comes up with the most logical/innovative solution (and I always wonder how she does it and why I couldn't see it as clearly as she did). ...Alex is fun, unique, and a pleasure to work with.
—Jonathan Evans, IA, Memory Lane

I worked with Alex on some of the empirical aspects of her work... Alex was one of the most analytically sophisticated managers I've ever worked with, and she taught me a lot about the application of that technique to user experience analysis.
—Gregory Sawyer, Business Intelligence Architect, Memory Lane

C R E A T I V E! I can use that as one keyword for Alex. There are more, of course: resourceful, independent, cooperative, insightful... Alex is simply a great contributor to any team. I highly recommend her talents and capabilities to anyone looking to improve their site and better engage with their customers.
—Jeff Knowlton, Manager, Texas Instruments

Resumé (pdf)