Want to take your product's user experience up a notch, but don't have the budget for a full-time UX professional? Maybe you'd like to train your product owners, developers, and designers on how to integrate design into the development cycle, or get a deep dive into making and testing usable data visualization.

UXtraordinary offers training, on-site and remote services, and consulting (including research, design, prototyping, and testing). Award-winning expertise ranges from dot coms and start ups to Fortune 500 companies.

industries & channels supported

  • social network
  • healthcare
  • technology
  • semiconductor
  • retail
  • partners
  • social media
  • Fortune 50
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • C2C
  • library & education
  • advertising/promotion
  • sem
  • seo
  • dot.com
  • start-up
  • business intelligence
  • telecom

personas met along the way

  • app developers
  • cloud engineers
  • nurses
  • educators
  • military veterans
  • entrepreneurs
  • shoe buyers
  • health care administrators
  • pet owners
  • IT administrators
  • middle-aged nostalgia seekers
  • telecom engineers
  • doctors
  • patients
  • jewelry buyers
  • home healthcare therapists
  • pharmaceutical executives
  • product managers
  • RFID engineers
  • Fortune 50
  • executives
  • farmers
  • business intelligence seekers
  • government contractors
  • library administrators
  • sales makers
  • students
  • microchip developers
  • music fans


Designing beautiful, usable data

You've got the right data. Your analytics is on point. You've got Tableau, or Webi, or D3, but do you know how to make your dashboard and data visualizations usable? There's more to it than picking the right charts.

MVX for your MVP

The product is genius. Your coders rock. But there's no time or money for UX design—or is there? Get your product owner and developers the training they need to inject great UX into the dev process. Ideal for Agile/Scrum environments.


Problem-solving design

Got a seriously complex UI? Trying to integrate multiple taxonomies? Let UXtraordinary turn your complicated problem into an intuitive, simple solution.

Usability analysis & testing

Need an extra pair of eyes before launch? UXtraordinary provides rigorous, task-based heuristic analysis from UX experts to surface areas of improvement in your UI. Or, get formal usability testing with live users.

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